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    Praise for the book

    Our nation is rocked by ideological divisions, threatening educators’ work to create more equitable and inclusive learning environments. Offering real, present-day anecdotes and practical strategies, The Call to Courage is a clarion call to parents and educators to show courage in defending against attacks on public education and its democratic principles.

    “The Call to Courage responds to the urgent need for educative leadership in times of political divisiveness. Its pragmatic ideas for reducing polarization while advancing justice will serve the field for years to come.”
    —Linda Darling-Hammond, professor emeritus, Stanford University; president of the Learning Policy Institute

    “The Call to Courage will inspire and sustain leaders who want to do the right thing, even when it is difficult.”
    —Joshua P. Starr, managing partner, Center for Model Schools; former superintendent; former CEO of Phi Delta Kappa International

    “Through compelling narratives and insightful strategies, The Call to Courage urges parents, educators, students, and community leaders to confront the forces that seek to politicize education and undermine its democratic principles.”
    —Shaun Nelms, director, Center for Urban Education Success, University of Rochester

    “Drawing on the experiences of two superintendents who champion educational equity, The Call to Courage offers a vision for how we can all stand up and make a difference.”
    —John Rogers, professor of education, UCLA; director, UCLA Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access

    “This book explains how educators and communities can come together to counter falsehoods with truths and protect the democratic principles in our schools.”
    —Colt Gill, former director, Oregon Department of Education; former district superintendent

    “The Call to Courage is a must-read for those fighting to ensure public schools continue to be students’ and families’ pathway to success.”
    —Gustavo Balderas, superintendent, Beaverton School District, Oregon; president-elect, AASA; president, Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents

    “Through examples of everyday heroes who transcend fear to make a difference, The Call to Courage inspires us to engage, offers us practical strategies for overcoming hate, and reminds us that courage is the essential foundation of meaningful action.”
    —Brent McKim, president, National Council of Urban Education Associations; president, Jefferson County Teachers Association, Louisville, Kentucky

    “I was buoyed by hearing the stories of how others chose to show courage, reclaim the narrative, and work collaboratively through open dialogue to resolve differences.”
    —Janice E. Jackson, former deputy superintendent, Boston Public Schools; former deputy assistant secretary, U.S. Department of Education–Office of Elementary and Secondary Education

    “Berman and Brown have written a book that provides a thoughtful and principled perspective about the importance of leading with courage in our divided communities.”
    —Craig Hawkins, executive director, Coalition of Oregon School Administrators

    “The Call to Courage confronts all of us with the need to counter the attacks on local schools and districts and to stand up for the core values of public education as being inclusive, equitable, and purposefully diverse.”
    —Carl Glickman, professor emeritus of education, University of Georgia; co-author of The Essential Renewal of America’s Schools

    “The Call to Courage is an inspirational call to action and essential reading for those dedicated to shaping a brighter future for our children and nation.”
    —Aaron C. Spence, superintendent, Loudoun County Public Schools, Virginia

    “By delving into the roots of courage, exploring personal stories, and addressing pivotal questions, The Call to Courage empowers education leaders, families, and communities to confront divisive challenges in a productive, human-centered way, nurturing courage in ourselves and our students.”
    —Lu Young, executive director, UK Center for Next Generation Leadership; past chair, Kentucky Board of Education; former district superintendent

    “The Call to Courage fiercely champions equity in education, promoting unity against divisive forces that imperil inclusivity and opportunity.”
    —Alex Marrero, superintendent, Denver Public Schools; president-elect, Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents

    “The Call to Courage is a must-read for everyone committed to inclusive education through bold, visionary leadership.”
    —Charles S. Dedrick, executive director, New York State Council of School Superintendents