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Culture of Love:

Cultivating a Positive and Transformational Organizational Culture

While primarily focused on education, I write this book for all who desire to cultivate a positive culture in any organization. Anyone striving to be a great leader can benefit from the culture development process described in this book. Along with garnering a better understanding of organizational change, those reading will gain insight on shifting personal behaviors as well. A leader is not predicated on a title, but instead on a way of thinking, working, and living. Organizations need innovative and committed leaders as technological advances, political, and social changes alter our global community and economy. Those reading this book must feel a sense of urgency in meeting the needs of young people and others they are serving.


“Dr. Brown, I too believe that “love” transforms and changes children as well as nations. I look forward to reading your book and use the principles to help transform school culture and children’s lives in Jacksonville, Florida. I am very proud of your accomplishments and will continue to “lead by example” in Duval County Public Schools.”

Truella James

“Dr. Brown… Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment that will help transform lives! Thank you for being a bright light and exemplary father, leader, and man of conviction. The world is a much better place now that we have added resources to help shepherd the way! Your timing is impeccable. Your purpose divine.”

Niquelle Cotton

Luvelle Brown is inspiring a culture of love that all organizations should fully embrace and courageously engage. His transformative leadership style and the powerful knowledge in this book mobilize the kind of student-centered approach that is desperately needed in our education systems. He reminds us all that love does indeed conquer all.

Shirley M. Collado, Ph.D.President, Ithaca College

“A Culture of Love: Cultivating a Positive and Transformational Organizational Culture is a must read for school district leaders, central office administrators, school leaders, and school leadership teams. Dr. Luvelle Brown reminds us of the reason we chose this profession, which was to do what was best for children. Most of our preparation for our work was focused primarily on the strategies to improve student achievement. However, Dr. Brown encourages us to reflect upon the significant role of culture in the continuous improvement process. If you are intrigued by the thought of how “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”, then this text makes a perfect addition to your professional learning communities and professional development plans. His approach will shift the hearts and minds of any team.”

Marlinda Boxley

To me Dr. Brown is more than a leader. He’s a role model, a father figure, an inspiration, all in one. Dr. Brown has inspired me to set my standards high, strive to be better, and he’s shown me how my dreams can become reality.

Khriy Brown

Student, Ithaca College ’21
Ithaca High School Alumni


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