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Dr. Luvelle Brown

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    Dr. Luvelle Brown is one of the nation’s foremost voices on K-12 belonging & inclusion. As educators move to accelerate learning amid worsening gaps, Dr. Brown provides guidance, resources and coaching to help school communities develop inclusive and culturally responsive learning environments essential to student success.

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    “Dr. Luvelle Brown is inspiring a Culture of Love that all organizations should fully embrace and courageously engage. His transformative leadership style and the powerful knowledge mobilize the kind of student-centered approach that is desperately needed in our education systems. He reminds us all that love does indeed conquer all.”

    Shirley M. Collado, Ph.D.

    President, Ithaca College

    About Dr. Brown’s work

    Dr. Brown is on a mission to help educators everywhere create a culture of love, liberation and belonging in every school. In addition to working tirelessly with administrators, families and students in his local community, Dr. Brown shares his systems, practices and frameworks with colleagues in school districts across the country.

    To learn more, you can invite Dr. Brown to visit with key members of your school district team, or sign up for one of his upcoming Culture of Love cohorts, where you’ll have an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues, tackle problems of practice and promote a Culture of Love and inclusiveness for all students in your community.   

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